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American Society of Power Engineers, Inc.

Locomotive Firemen

  • Minimum age - 18
  • Experience - proof of 25 hours of steam locomotive fireing or attesation by two currently licensed steam locomotive firemen or steam locomotive Engineers as to applicant's experience and Competency.
    NOTE: A valid state license or certificate is acceptable for proof of experience.
  • Examinations - Written (oral or practical where necessary)
Curriculum at the Minimum:
  • Basic math and science
  • Basic combustion theory
  • Proper firing procedure
  • General construction of a Locomotive boiler
  • Boiler safety devices
  • Boiler fittings and accessories
  • Operation and testing of the water glass
  • Operation and testing of the water column
  • Operation and testing of gauge cocks
  • Corrective measures for low water conditions
  • Pre Trip inspection for leaks
  • Railroad signals
  • Railroad safety
  • Faugh will