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PO Box 4188
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139 W. Tate Street, Suite 6
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Toll-Free: (866) 926-1821
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American Society of Power Engineers, Inc.

ASOPE™ License Fees

Please Note: An examination fee is charged for each and every examination taken. License fees may be subject to change. Additional charges for special handling and renewal late fees may also apply. Fees are payable by Check and Money order no cash is accepted. In some cases credit card payment may be made, Please contact the appropriate region for credit card information. Special introductory limited time conversion fees may be authorized by the ASOPE™ Board of Directors.


  • Facility Group
  • Power Plant Group
  • CT Simple Cycle Group
  • CT Combined Cycle group
  • Diesel Group

These license exam groups are $45.00 each.
These licenses are renewable annually at a fee of $35.00.

Technical Instructor

  1. Each Examination for the Technical Instructor license is $50.00.
  2. This license is renewable annually at a fee of $35.00 with the renewal requirements that a License holder must have conducted a minimum of 16 hours of technical training or earned a minimum of 0.7 Continuing Education Units during the previous year.

Locomotive Group
Vintage Engine

  1. Each Examination for the following license groups is $55.00.
  2. These licenses are life license and not renewable.
Retired Engineer
  1. A Retired Engineer License has a one time charge of $35.00 and you must have held an ASOPE License for 10 years.

Other Fees:
NSF Check Fees $35.00
8 1/2 x 11 License Certificate Fee $10.00

Duplicate Certificate Fee $10.00
Late Fees per Guidelines: Range from $10.00 to $20.00 and/or retesting for license reinstatement. Call our office at (866) 926-1821.