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American Society of Power Engineers, Inc.

Steam Locomotive Engineer - under 100 Tons

  • Mininimum age - 21
  • Experience - Proof of 50 hours of actual steam locomotive opertation or attestation by two qualified Steam Locomotive Engineers as to the applicant's experience and Competency.
    Note: Experience may be demonstrated by holding a valid state issued or railway issued steam locomotive Engineer's license or certificate.
  • Examination - Witten (oral or practical where necessary)
Curriculum at the Minimum:
  • Basic math and science
  • Basic combustion theory
  • General construction of a Locomotive boiler
  • Basic boiler maintenance
  • Boiler safety devices
  • Boiler fittings and accessories
  • Corrective measures for low water conditions
  • Locomotive construction
  • Steam engine operating cycle
  • Valve maintenance
  • Bearing maintenance and lubrication
  • Water glass test and operation
  • Water column test and operation
  • Gauge cock test and operation
  • Pre trip Boiler Inspection
  • Pre trip Machinery Inspection
  • Railroad signals
  • Railroad safety
  • Breaks
  • Proper use of sand