American Society of Power Engineers, Inc.

Establishing National
Standards for Power Engineers.

Traction Engine Engineer


  • Minimum age - 18
  • Education - Graduate of a Traction Engine School
  • Experience - Proof of 25 hours of actual traction engine operation or attestation by two (2) currently licensed Traction Engine Engineers to the applicant's experience and competency. 
  • Note: Experience and Education may be waived if the applicant is holding a valid State issued license for operation of traction engines and boilers.
  • Examination - Written (Oral or Practical when necessary)

Curriculum at the Minimum:

  • Basic Math-Science
  • Basic Combustion Theory
  • Types of Traction Engine Boilers
  • Construction of Traction Engine Boilers
  • Traction Engine Boiler Maintenance
  • Boiler Safety Devices
  • Boiler Fittings and Accessories
  • Traction Engine Boiler Combustion Air and Flue Gas System
  • Traction Engine Boiler Fuels and Fuel Systems
  • Traction Engine Feed Water System
  • Feed Water Chemistry Control
  • Corrective Actions for Low Water Level Conditions
  • Traction Engine Safety
  • Steam Engine Construction
  • Steam Engine Operating Cycle
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Bearing Maintenance and Lubrication
  • Governor Operation and Maintenance
  • Clutch Operation and Maintenance
  • Steering Gear
  • Lining up on the belt