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Establishing National
Standards for Power Engineers.

Vintage Engine Engineer


  • Minimum age - 18
  • Experience - Proof of 25 hours of actual traction engine operation or stationary Engine and high pressure boiler operation or attestation by two (2) currently licensed traction engine or vintage engine engineers to the applicant's experience and competency. 
  • Note: Experience and Education may be waived if the applicant is holding a valid State issued license for operation of traction engines and high pressure boilers.
  • Examination - Written (Oral or Practical when necessary)

Curriculum at the Minimum:

  • Basic math and science
  • Basic combustion theory
  • Most common types of vintage boilers
  • Boiler safety devices
  • Boiler fittings and accessories
  • Corrective action for low water conditions
  • Proper firing procedures
  • Basic feed water chemistry
  • Steam engine construction
  • Steam engine operating cycle
  • Basic valve setting
  • Common types of valve gear
  • Valve maintenance
  • Bearing maintenance and lubrication
  • Governor operation and maintenance
  • Proper use of water glass, water column and gauge cocks
  • Steam engine safety
  • Public safety involving operation of boilers and engines