2022 WBIA Industry Days Presentation

A strong career presents a clear path for advancement. Promotions can revolve around a number of things, such as merit, seniority, or integrity. In the power engineer industry, competency is always a top priority, and greater responsibility comes with more thorough and in-depth licensing and program advancement. 

The Wisconsin Boiler Inspector’s Association (WBIA) exists to promote boiler and pressure vessel safety across industries. This organization has members from all sectors, such as state and local boiler inspectors, insurance companies, safety valve manufacturers and more. Boilers are essential for so many buildings within the environment like schools and workplaces. Many people are impacted based on successful maintenance and inspections of a boiler. The WBIA exists to ensure safe and efficient operations. 

The Industry Days conference is a place for companies and organizations to meet together for training and professional networking opportunities. The two-day conference not only promotes public safety, but also provides 12 Wisconsin Boiler Inspection educational credits for those who attend both days. Just as licensing is the pathway for career advancement in this industry, continuing education is essential to maintain licensing.

At the conference, ASOPE Region 2 presented their competency program not only for local Wisconsin purposes, but across the US. Attendees listened intently and took notes to learn more about what the program offers and its credentials. The program offers their third class, point of entry level into the profession, all the way to the advanced first class level and further. ASOPE was happy to represent the national standards for power engineering for a strong organization like the WBIA.