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Power Engineer Competency License Program

BoilerThe American Society of Power Engineers has two license program categories. The first is the Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency license program, the second is the Hobbyist and Specialty Power Engineer Competency license program.

1. Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency License Program

The ASOPE® Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency license program consists of Facilities, Stationary Tech, Power Plant, Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine and Diesel classifications.

A person who is looking to start their career in the Power Engineering profession may start at the Facility Operating Engineer 3rd Class level, which is designed as an entry point for the person with minimal experience. Also available is the Facility Stationary Engineer Tecnician which requires more mechanical and electrical training. As the person gains knowledge and experience, they can continue to progress to Facility Operating Engineer Chief. A person may elect to use the experience gained as a Facility Operating Engineer Second Class to cross over to the classification of Power Plant Operating Engineer 3rd class.

If a person proves they meet the qualification for a certain classification and grade of license the person may take the examination for that classification and grade without taking the lower grade examination for the classification.

It is possible a person may also start their career in Combined Cycle Combustion Turbines. This part of the program is designed for entry level to start at the Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine Operating Engineer 3rd class and progress through the various steps of the Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine program.

Another option would be the Diesel Plant license. With the growth in use of new fuels for Diesel/RICE engines in the electrical generation sector.

2. Hobbyist Power/Stationary Engineer Competency License Program

Plumbing Mains for Plant

The ASOPE® Hobbyist Power Engineer Competency License Program is designed for the Power Engineer operating and maintaining Traction Engines and Vintage Engines. These classifications of Power Engineering are stand alone for each classification and are not used for progression in the Main Competency License Programs.

The Retired Engineer program also recognizes the power engineer who throughout his or her career worked to promote the profession of the Power Engineer.

Main Program

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