Power Engineer Master Chief

Ready to become a licensed Power Engineer - Master Chief? ASOPE® offers the opportunity to obtain your Power Engineer - Master Chief license. The list of qualifications that are required to receive your Power Engineer - Master Chief license are outlined below. Some of the requirements include being 18 or older, having a high school diploma/GED or equivalent, and a minimum of eight years experience in Power Engineering.

If all qualifications are met, you will be required to schedule an exam. The exam consists of a wide range of curriculum including, but not limited to, power plant water chemistry, power plant personnel management, and facility project management. Upon completion of your Power Engineer - Master Chief license exam, an ASOPE® representative will notify you of a "pass" or "fail" status. If failed, you will be offered additional opportunities to retake the Power Engineer - Master Chief exam. Please review our Failed Test Procedures to learn more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Power Engineer - Master Chief license, please contact the ASOPE® national office.


  • Minimum age - Adult
  • Education - High School Diploma / GED or equivalent
  • Experience - Eight years. Required to hold both Power Plant Operating Engineer Chief and Combustion Turbine Combined Cycle Chief one year minimum each
  • Examination - Written (Oral or Practical when necessary)

Curriculum at the Minimum:

  • Power Plant Safety
  • Power Plant Math-Science
  • Power Plant Water Chemistry
  • Power Plant Waste Water Treatment
  • Power Plant Electrical Generation and Transmission
  • Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Power Plant Environmental Equipment
  • Power Plant Combustion By Products Removal and Disposal
  • Power Plant Pressure Vessel Inspection
  • Power Plant Personnel Management
  • Power Plant Computer Management
  • Power Plant Efficiency
  • Facility Project Management
  • Facility Building Maintenance
  • Facility HVAC