Test Fail Procedures

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At ASOPE® we offer two testing programs where you can receive an official ASOPE® license, the Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency license program or the Supplementary license program.

Our ASOPE® operation guideline 020406-4, Subject: ASOPE® Examination Retest Operation Guideline exhibits the outcome of failing and passing any of our licensing programs. The following is a guideline to be used when rescheduling a retest for failed examinations.

Upon failure of an examination, the National Office will notify a person that a retest is available within the following time limits after the failed examination:

  • First retest 30 days after first failed examination for same grade and class.
  • Second retest 90 days after second failed examination for same grade and class.
  • Third retest 120 days after third failed examination for same grade and class.
  • Fourth retest should recommend to person that possibly needs to change class and/or grade or both.

The time limits are guidelines to be followed. The time may deviate by 7 days dependent on examination schedules. Additionally, if a person needs to have the examination for his/her employment and the employer only gives the person 90 days to get the license, the second retest may be given at 60 days rather than 90 days. All fees for retests of an examination will be charged at the same rate as the initial examination.

For any questions and concerns regarding our licensing programs, test and retests dates, fees/charges, etc., contact our office.

Guideline Approved by: ASOPE® Executive Board of Directors