ASOPE® License Fees

Please Note: An examination fee is charged for each and every examination taken. License fees may be subject to change. Additional charges for special handling and renewal late fees may also apply. Fees are payable by Check, Money Order or Credit Card - no cash is accepted. Please contact the National Office for credit card payment or use the renewal/payment section of this web page. Special introductory limited time exchange fees may be authorized by the ASOPE® Board of Directors.


  • Facility Group
  • Power Plant Group
  • Gas Turbine Group
  • Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine Group
  • Diesel Group
  • HAVC Chiller Group

These license exam groups are $45.00 each
These licenses are renewable annually at a fee of $38.00*
*License renewals have been increased to an annual fee of $38.00 for 2023

Retired Engineer

A Retired Engineer License has a one time charge of $35.00 and you must have held an ASOPE® License for 10 years.

Other Fees: 

  • NSF Check Fees: $35.00
  • 8 1/2 x 11 License Certificate Fee: $10.00
  • Duplicate Certificate Fee: $10.00
  • Late Fees per Guidelines: Range from $10.00 to $20.00 and/or retesting for license reinstatement. Call the National Office at (866) 926-1821.

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Payments to ASOPE®

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*This payment option is NOT for purchasing/renewing licenses or exams. Use the section designated above for those types of purchases. Please disregard any “donate” labels on the PayPal interface as these are standard default.

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