The ASOPE® Resources page is a vital online destination for power engineering professionals. It provides an array of resources including industry news, job opportunities, training materials, and essential references. This page is designed to support career growth, enhance industry knowledge, and offer practical tools for those in the field of power engineering. Its content is continuously updated to reflect the evolving needs and trends within the industry.

  • Job Postings - The ASOPE® Job Postings page is a dedicated platform for career opportunities in the power engineering sector. It showcases a range of positions like HVAC Group Supervisor, Apprentice Engineer, and Operating Engineer, catering to various levels of expertise in the industry. This page is an essential resource for professionals seeking to advance their careers in power engineering, providing access to job listings, detailed role descriptions, and application information. It's a key tool for connecting qualified candidates with significant roles in the field.
  • Downloadable Assets - The ASOPE® Downloadable Assets page is a key resource for power engineering professionals. It offers essential documents like the ASOPE® Application Form, License Renewal Form, Test Proctor Form, and Textbook Agreement. These materials are designed to streamline processes for certification, license renewal, and exam administration. The page is instrumental for those seeking to maintain or enhance their credentials in the power engineering field.
  • Training Sources - The ASOPE® Training Sources page is a comprehensive resource for power engineering professionals seeking educational advancement. It lists approved training providers and offers access to various publications and industry organizations. This page is essential for those looking to enhance their expertise in industrial power generation, with resources focusing on safety, efficiency, and the latest industry trends.
  • News - The ASOPE® News page is a central hub for the latest updates and announcements in the power engineering industry. It features articles and insights on various topics such as career guidance in boiler operations, industry days presentations, safety issues like trench-related fatalities, boiler operation standards, and maintenance tips. This page is crucial for professionals in the field to stay informed about industry trends, safety standards, and career development opportunities.
  • Reference Books - The ASOPE® Reference Books page is a specialized resource for power engineers, offering a curated selection of textbooks. These books cover various levels of facility and power plant engineering, including gas turbine, diesel plant, and HVAC engineering. The page is structured to guide professionals in choosing relevant literature for their specific licensing level, providing a comprehensive educational foundation in the field of power engineering.
  • Proctor Information - A PowerPoint presentation for proctoring procedures for exams and certifications in the power engineering field. It contains guidelines, instructions, and protocols for conducting and overseeing examinations to ensure integrity and compliance with industry standards.
  • Test Fail Procedures - The ASOPE® Test Fail Procedures page outlines the guidelines for retaking failed examinations within their licensing programs. It specifies the waiting periods for retests, which vary based on the number of previous attempts, and includes provisions for expedited retests under certain employment-related circumstances. This page is crucial for candidates who need to reschedule their tests, providing clear instructions on timelines and the process for re-examinations in the power engineering field.