American Society of Power Engineers, Inc.

Establishing National
Standards for Power Engineers.

Diesel Plant Operating Engineer First Class


  • Minimum age - Adult
  • Education - High School Diploma / GED or Equivalent
  • Experience - Four years as Engineer in Charge of operations and maintenance of marine or stationary multiple diesel engine plants

Curriculum at the Minimum:

  • Switchgear
  • Synchronizing and Load Control
  • Voltage Control and Excitation
  • MW and MVARS
  • Governor Characteristics
  • Stopping and Starting Procedures
  • Excitation Systems Cooling
  • Monitoring Engine Operation
  • Operating Guidelines
  • Control Systems
  • Protection Devices
  • Station Service A.C. Power Supply
  • D.C. Power Supply
  • Station Battery
  • Plant Local and Remote Control Systems
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Electrical Generation, Distribution and Transmission Safety
  • General Maintenance Practices
  • Environmental Regulations