Advantages of a Career in Boiler Operations

Having knowledge and understanding of an occupation makes deciding what direction to go with your career more straightforward. Certain jobs are well suited for some people with a particular set of skills while not a great fit for others. When it comes to a career as a boiler operator, there are certain advantages that may help you decide whether or not going in this direction would be a good fit. Let's discuss three essential advantages to this profession.

Competitive Compensation
Boiler operators are given a large responsibility. So much of a building’s environment is dependent on boilers and their optimal performance. A boiler operator is paid well for a job that does come with some risk. Examples of these risks include carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, and even explosions. The compensation that is rewarded for these operators is well in proportion to the risk and responsibility the job comes with. Generally, boiler operators work in private, for profit organizations, and make on average $63,500/yr.

Opportunities for Advancement
One benefit of having the opportunity to pursue a thriving career as a boiler operator is that the point of entry into the profession isn’t as high. Requirements for a boiler operator include a high school diploma before starting a training program or apprenticeship. Licenseship and employer specific exams are required for the job, but unlike many directions where the career trajectory can be unclear, a boiler operator’s path for career advancement is straightforward

Recession-Proof Work
Manufacturing plants, government agencies, educational facilities and hospitals all require boilers in order to maintain full operation. What that means is there will always be job opportunities and work for the boiler operating professional regardless of the current state of the economy. It is projected that by the year 2030, employment opportunities for stationary engineers and boiler operators will grow by 6%. In 2021 there were over 32,000 boiler operator jobs according to the US bureau of labor statistics. Overall job security is a legitimate advantage of this profession.

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