ASOPE® and Licenses

ASOPE® assists licensing agencies to determine the competence of professional Power Engineers through investigations and examinations that test the qualifications of candidates for licenses issued under the rules of ASOPE®. Assistance to States and Municipalities in establishing power engineer licensing agencies and facilitating exchange between licensing agencies are also provided by ASOPE®

What We Offer:

ASOPE® has two license program categories. The first is the Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency License Program. The second is the Hobbyist and Specialty Power Engineer Competency license program.

The ASOPE® Main Power/Stationary Engineer Competency license program classifications consist of Facilities, Stationary Tech, Power Plant, Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine, and Diesel. There are a number of different grades of licenses available for each classification, such as First, Second, and Third Class, each with their own requirements.

The ASOPE® Hobbyist Power Engineer Competency License Program is designed for the Power Engineer operating and maintaining Vintage Engines and Traction Engines. These classifications of Power Engineering are stand alone for each classification. They are not used for progression in the Main Competency License Programs.

Why You Should Get A License:

Proper licensing through ASOPE®, will put you on the track for a successful career in power engineering. Your credentials, experience and knowledge will allow you to take great pride in your engineering accomplishments. There is no greater feeling than knowing you used the best techniques in our industry.

Many employers are proud to hire a Licensed ASOPE® Engineer! Our multiple training programs will not only teach you the information you should know, but give you the experience, hands on training and confidence to complete every job properly. Our up-to-date programs are designed to teach you the best methods to become a Licensed ASOPE® Engineer Professional.

Having a license will give you greater employment opportunities, and will help further your career in your chosen classification area. Plus, the extra training you receive through the licensing programs will make you a safer, more effective engineer. Choose one of our programs that best fits your needs to increase your knowledge and skills, today!