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The American Society of Power Engineers, Inc. (ASOPE®) is an independent third party licensing/certification agency whose objective is to establish national standards and a formal structured level of competence for national and international recognition of the power engineer.

ASOPE® is not affiliated with any other organizations. ASOPE® recognizes and promotes other organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Association of Power Engineers, National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and governmental regulatory agencies such as Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Agency. These organizations have the proper resources and information to train fellow associates in becoming exceptional power engineers in safety, practices, health, and more.

Bringing premier experience with training and education practices in power engineering and technology, we offer two programs to receive an official licenses to verify your expertise in the power engineering field. ASOPE® acts as an advisor and recommends verified educational resources for power engineering training.

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